Thursday, 3 November 2016

Hiring Tax Agent vs. Using Free ATO Service

Tax time is one of the most frightening time for us. Every time people get confused between using the ATO’s free service and hiring an expert to take care of their return. The new my TAX platform by ATO is undoubtedly an easy option to file a tax return, but how effective is it?
Just because the return is processed by the ATO, it doesn’t guarantee the accuracy and clearance. The free service by the ATO works on a self-assessment basis. Hence, if over the following months, information submitted by you flags any issue, then you need to get prepared to receive a “PLEASE EXPLAIN” along with penalties. While the ATO’s service is free, it can become a costly option if mistakes occur.
Australian Tax Law is complex, and it changes every year. Word-of-mouth, tutorials, and online research won’t help you completely understand the complexities of tax returns. If you want to maximize your return, then it is recommended to hire a tax agent in Melbourne.

What is a Tax Agent?

A tax agent is a qualified accountant who has complete knowledge about country’s tax system. He is the expert on everything associated with the tax. A tax agent very well knows what you can and cannot claim as a deduction and what you must declare to stay legal and compliant.

Why Should I Hire the Services of a Tax Return Agent in Melbourne?

There are numerous benefits of using the services of a tax agent in Melbourne. Here are few of them:
It’s not expensive!
Many people think that hiring a tax return agent in Melbourne is expensive. However, you can enjoy following cost benefits by hiring a tax agent.
-    You can free up your valuable time
-    You can claim the cost of tax agent service on your return
-    You can maximize your tax return
So, if you’ve been avoiding tax agent’s services because it’s too expensive, then think again!

Knowledge and Experience

Tax agents are the specialists. They have spent an enormous amount of time and efforts in learning the tax laws. They keep themselves updated with tax law changes. You may think that you have got enough knowledge about taxes, but we can guarantee that you will miss some details which will decrease the amount of tax return. Hence, it is better to use the services of experienced tax specialists in Melbourne.

Avoid Trouble

Getting a high tax return gives a fantastic feeling. This feeling gets even better when you know that your taxation activities are compliant with the law. Using the services of a tax agent will ensure you receive full refund entitlement while staying legal and compliant.

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